Food in Barcelona | El Tapadillo reviewed


When you think about Barcelona, you immediately think about the mediterranean lifestyle and the amazing food that goes with it. Well, “El Tapadillo” is an amazing little restaurant in the heart of the neighbourhood ‘El Born’. A little piece of heaven as I like to call it 😉

High quality food for very democratic prices puts this restaurant on the top of my list. For about 25€ you get a rich paëlla dish for two persons, it is however a 30 minute wait when you order the paëlla but it’s definitely worth the wait.

A hidden gem that hasn’t caught the eye of the mass tourism just yet. When you go early you can get a nice seat inside as Spanish people tend to eat quite late compared to us Belgians. Another way to be sure of a table is to make a reservation – obviously -, a simple tool to do so is “The Fork“. However, the best seats are on the terrace! Terrace tables are not available for reservation so rule number 1 would be applicable here – to come early -. If you want to have a late dinner you can always just go and hope you get lucky, usually there is a waitingline outside to get the best spots. But I assure you, it’ll be worth it.

In my opinion, they serve the best “patatas bravas” in the city – and I’ve tried quite a lot of them when I was there -. For the rest it’s a typical Spanish restaurant with a very nice atmosphere. This is definitely a place that deserves to be on your ‘todo’ list when you go.


El Tapadillo:

Carrer de fonollar 8

08003 Barcelona

Tina Demeyer