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I think everybody has heard of the famous F.C. Barcelona football team that reigns Barcelona. And perhaps some of you already visited the Camp Nou stadium, grand tour included. But there is nothing like soaking up the atmosphere at a live match of the football team.

The first step will be scoring some tickets. If you want some affordable tickets it’s best not to be too picky about which match you want to see, because there are a lot of differences in prices from match to match. For normal matches within the ‘Primera Division’, and by normal I mean games where the opponent is not that well-known or good. The cheapest tickets for these games are around 69,00€ and are usually in the highest part of the stadium. And I can assure you, that’s very very high. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little bit more to get a lower and better seat. You can all agree there is no fun in watching little dots run around, right?

Now that the hard part is done, there are some things that you need to know before going.

Check your seats before leaving for the game. When you plan on going to the game by metro (which is L3 btw), it’s handy to check where exactly you are seated in Camp Nou. The entry gates are spread around the entire stadium, so walking distance to your gate could be quite far if you don’t research when to get of in advance.

So now you finally arrived at Camp Nou! There are some things you need to know once inside. You have now passed the gates and cannot wait to get a nice cold beer (I know I would). But… inside the stadium, all beers are non-alcoholic. Looks like it’s pretty impossible to get wasted during the game then. Let’s go check out the seats then. Let’s go up up up! and up… and up. The cheaper the tickets, the higher your seat is gonna be, and I can tell you (as one who is scared of heights) it’s ridiculously high for a footballgame. Hence the pointer to not get the cheapest tickets of the bunch.

The satisfaction is great when you finally reach your seat, with a view that is truly mind-blowing. The game starts and fans welcome their all stars home. The ear deafening chants give you goosebumps and the ambience takes you on a 90 minute journey filled with highs and lows. Crowd goes wild as they keep chanting throughout the game, even when the going gets tough.


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