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L’Ovella Negra, probably one of the best bars in Barcelona. Where drinking big is rewarded with low prices.

A bar well-known for the big pitchers of beer/sangria and great atmosphere, basically the best meeting place in town for most. It’s always packed with locals, expats and some lost tourists that find their way into the bar. The variety of people and nationalities truly makes this bar and its vibe unique. And although the place is filled with large tables and is quite big, it can get really crowded in the evening. But don’t worry about not getting a seat, you can always share a table and socialize with new people. I cannot say how many new and interesting people I have met there this way 🙂

L’Ovella Negra also is the perfect place to follow football matches of F.C. Barcelona surrounded by some very devoted fans which makes the experience even more special. Go early to get a spot!

Occasionally, there is an indoor second hand market for all the vintage lovers amongst us. Shopping and getting beers at the same time, this just doesn’t get any better, right?

They also offer some really nice tapas and once again, when in a group the food gets cheaper. So when you are in group and in need of beer and food, go to L’Ovella Negra

And no matter how much they offer the public, in my opinion, the “Ovella-vibe” predominates every time.

Do note that there are 2 Ovella Negra’s in Barcelona, the one I’m talking about is the one in the neighbourhood “El Raval”. In the area “Sant Marti”, you can enjoy the same benefits in a monumental and huge old factory building with tons of charm.

This is where you can find us!

Raval: Carrer de les Sitges 5, 08001 Barcelona

Sant Marti: Carrer de Zamora 78, 08018 Barcelona

So what I want you to remember about L’Ovella Negra is:

  • Perfect prices for larger groups of people
  • Home of football fanatics
  • International atmosphere

Any questions about this bar?

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Tina Demeyer

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